Eagle Lake Muskie Fishing:

Eagle Lake is considered to be one of the top lakes in the world for Muskie fishing and producing record size Muskies as well as good numbers.

Every year there are several fish caught in the 53" to 56" range. Many avid Muskie fisherpersons truly believe that the next World Record Muskie will come out of Eagle lake.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on the north end of the lake. Our region is in the prime spawning basin for Cisco, Perch and Walleye, which are the main feeder fish for Muskie. This area of the lake produces some of the largest fish every year.

Eagle Lake has had a 54-inch minimum size limit for about 10 years and before that a 48-inch minimum for about 15 years. The practice of catching and releasing monster size fish has kept the population of trophy Muskie high. Eagle Lake does produce great numbers of 40 to 45-inch Muskie, making the Muskie fishing on Eagle Lake very successful for not only avid Muskie fisherpersons but beginners as well.

Some of the best areas are within a short distance from the lodge. Having so much variety in structure such as deep ledges, large basins that hold tons of bait fish, long deep weed beds and sunken rock structure, the area has become a haven for Muskie. We are also within close proximity to the west arm of the lake where spring-fed waters hold abundant Lake Trout and Cisco populations. These feeder fish also attract the Muskie during the summer months. Eagle Lake is truly a Muskie fisherperson's dream come true!

Eagle Lake is also home to four different varieties of Muskie sub-species. Silver Muskies, Spotted Muskies (also called Leopard Muskie), Barred Muskies and the elusive hybred Tiger Muskie are all available.

Favorite baits here are Mepps Bucktails, Crank Baits, Rubber Baits and Jerk Baits. Due to the high populations of Ciscoe, Perch and Walleye, choosing lure colors that mimic these baitfish work best.

With three generations of fishing knowledge on Eagle Lake, Greg and Ernie have many professionals join them each year to learn something new about the lake. Year after year Muskie fanatics join them as well because Birch Dale Lodge is where the action is.

With detailed Muskie fishing maps available and helpful tips from Greg or Ernie, Birch Dale Lodge can give you a Muskie fishing experience you will never forget.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Heavy bait casting reels
  • 30-60 lb. braided line
  • Large muskie net or cradle
  • Heavy salt water snap swivels
  • 100lb. leaders, steel or fluorocarbon
  • Hook cutters, heavy pliers, jaw spreaders.
  • Measuring device
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Good rain gear
  • Variety of baits.
  • Camera for all the photo's

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