Eagle Lake Northern Pike Fishing:

Northern Pike are very abundant here in Eagle Lake and available in all sizes.

Families with small children have a blast casting small lures for Pike. Kids come back to camp at the end of the day with sore arms and long-lasting memories of fighting these wild fighting fish.

For the trophy seekers seeking that 20+ pounder, there is an ever-increasing population of large Northerns due to the recent implication of the slot program. We have been releasing 25.5 to 35.5" Northern Pike here for about 10 years and it has developed a trophy Northern Pike fishery comparable to many far-north fly-in water systems.

Many avid Muskie fisherpersons have been impressed by how many 15 to 25-pound Northern Pike they are now catching while casting their bigger Muskie baits. The Northern Pike are big and aggressive and seem to hit anything.

Northern Pike can be caught here in many different depths. In the spring, there are huge fish in the shallows looking for perch and baitfish. Then as the water temperature increases, they move to deeper weed lines and deeper shorelines. This time of year many larger fish are caught while trolling shorelines and weed bed edges.

Late summer and fall they become feeding machines to fatten up for the cold winter ahead. Many are caught while deep-water Walleye fishing. The big Pike seem to be attracted to the same deep-water structure as the Walleyes. It's probably due to the high population of baitfish. Casting larger lures in deeper weed beds and along shorelines with boulders is an excellent way to bring in the big ones.

These toothy critters are one of the best fresh-water fish to catch on a hook and line and are very good eating as well. You will experience fresh fish at our weekly fish fry where we will serve you some golden brown Walleye and Northern Pike fillets.

You are more than welcome to take your limit of Northern Pike home with you as long as your fish fall within the slot limits. Northern Pike meat does not freeze well like Walleye meat as it can go a little coarse. It's best to eat fresh Pike while you are at the lodge as it tastes just like Walleye.

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