Black Bear Hunting:

Here at Birch Dale Lodge, we have been hunting bears in the area for years. Our knowledge of baiting techniques and the landscape has allowed our hunting guests to harvest many Black Bears including very large bears with several over 500lbs. With a boasting 85% kill rate; you have a very good opportunity at harvesting a large Trophy Black Bear when hunting with us.

85% Success Rate in 2009

The proximity of our BMA (Bear Management Area), which surrounds the Vermilion Bay waste disposal site, has consistently produced large Trophy Black Bears. New logging roads constructed in our BMA in the past couple of years have given us the opportunity to hunt some very virgin territory, which has added to the success rate our hunting guests enjoy.

Sightings at our bear hunting stands are pretty much guaranteed because of our baiting practices, which begin 2 weeks prior to your hunt. Many hunters have been able to choose from multiple size bears. This gives our hunting guests the opportunity to pass on smaller bears and wait for a big old male. In some cases hunters see rare color-phase bears (browner hide colors), which are sometimes called Cinnamon Black Bears.

We make every effort to put you on an active bait-stand and will move you to another site quickly if you have been scented and the bear will not come in. We are still baiting other sites while your hunt is progressing and can move hunters to multiple sites as we can have up to 20 active sites at one time.

All sites are drive-in to a certain point and then walked in. If we know you are bringing an ATV then we will set you up with stands where your ATV allows you to drive further and closer to the stand, which is especially advantageous if you wish to hunt at our most remote stands. The furthest we drive is 30 miles with most of the bears being taken within 15 miles of the camp.

We only take a limited amount of hunters each year so we do not over-harvest our BMA. Our Black Bear hunt is fully booked every year so book early if you do not want to miss this great hunting opportunity!

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