Eagle Lake Lake Trout Fishing:

Here on Eagle Lake, Lake Trout fishing is so much fun! Lake Trout are a very powerful fish and catching a 10-pounder sometimes feels like catching a 20-pounder because of their strength. One of the best times to catch good numbers of Lake Trout is right after ice-out in the spring.

During the first 2 to 3 weeks of trout fishing season, trout can be caught within a couple of miles of the lodge. As the water begins to warm they move down the lake to the West Arm where all the spring-fed cold-water areas are located. These cold springs are about 10 miles from Birch Dale Lodge.

Trout can be caught in the spring by trolling spoons or artificial baits behind the boat. The Lake Trout can be found around the islands and shorelines where there are good drop-offs. When a trout hits your lure; hold on because when these cold-water beasts hit there is an arm jolting impact and the lengthy battle begins!

Eagle Lake has produced some large Lake Trout up to 30 pounds with most averaging between 8 and 12 pounds. Sam Bruetsch, the original founder of Birch Dale Lodge, loved to trout fish! He has taught us many different techniques for locating and catching BIG trout.

Lake trout are also very good eating. We smoke them, bake them and sometimes steak them and serve them Cajun Style.

They are a delicious fish!

Eagle Lake is a large lake and has a reputation for being an outstanding Lake Trout lake. If you are new to Lake Trout fishing, you may want to inquire about our Eagle Eye Guiding Service, which will guide you to the hot spots and show you how to catch them. Fishing for Lake Trout and catching a large Lake Trout is an experience you will never forget.

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