Dryden Whitetail Deer Hunting:

Here in Northwestern Ontario there has been a Whitetail Deer population explosion in recent years. This population explosion includes many world class Trophy Whitetail Bucks. Not only do our Whitetails have very impressive racks, they are large bodied with thick powerful necks and legs. It's a genetic trait, which is just not found in most Whitetail populations. As a result, we are now one of the hottest deer hunting location in Ontario and maybe all of Canada. Our area is part of what the hunting media is calling the Whitetail Triangle. Every year Whitetail Bucks are harvested, which are newsworthy, and create a lot of excitement in the North American Hunting Community.

At Birch Dale Lodge; we do not run guided Whitetail hunts as we do not feel it's necessary. We give our deer hunting guests a very knowledgeable orientation of the best areas to scout for setup. You can then hunt on your own keeping the cost of the hunt down to an affordable amount for everyone in your group. Please do not think that this will affect the quality of the hunt. We are located at the remote northwest corner of the famous Whitetail Triangle. Our area has been called the best region in North America for fair-chase Wild Whitetail hunting. You have the opportunity to hunt thousands of acres of crown land (public land), which is very productive for Whitetail Bucks. Old logging roads and ATV Trails will allow you access to the best game-trails.

We supply first day orientation and then our hunters hunt on their own using extremely detailed maps, which are purchased from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources). We point out the best big buck locations to maximize your success. We know where the bucks are, which is why many hunters book year after year at Birch Dale Lodge. Our location and the affordability of our Whitetail Deer hunt is popular so book early!

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