2008 Walleye Fishing Gallery # 1:

2008 Walleye Fishing Gallery # 2

Ernie, Lynn, and Greg,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time and accommodations from this past June at your lodge. The whole reason for our trip was an incentive for my dad to beat his cancer. Him and I used to go fishing every year in Canada when I was younger, but as I grew and got into college and began working time grew short. I always missed just the smells and sounds of the Canadian air. Then approximately a year and a half ago my dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He began treatments and I kept remembering my wonderful times up north and wanted to pass those memories onto my son and have my dad be a part of it. So, with some luck I was informed of your place and propositioned my dad that if he beat his cancer we would head back up and do some fishing. He won! He has a clean bill of health and we made the trip and had a great time with each other and my son out fished us all on Walleye. He is quite proud of the fish he caught (along with his dad and grandpa) and has let everyone know. And then to my surprise yesterday when we were at a family gathering my dad asked about coming back next year. We should be making arrangements shortly on setting up a time to come in 2009. Once again thank you! I included some pictures of Houston with his Walleyes and one of a Smallmouth.

Mr. Kelly Korenoski